Plaster Stucco as a fire retardant

Gypsum stucco is a traditional and exceptionally elegant form of interior decoration, known for hundreds of years. While its aesthetics and durability have always been appreciated, there is also a growing understanding of the need for safety in today's world. Therefore, an important aspect that attracts the attention of architects and property owners is the non-flammability of gypsum stucco.

Gypsum stucco and non-flammability

Gypsum as a material has many wonderful properties, apart from excellent izolacją The non-flammability of gypsum stucco is undoubtedly one of its most important attributes when compared to other materials.

New production methods plaster stucco enable the creation of elements that are resistant to fire or have very low flammability. To further increase fire retardation coatings can be used on finished plaster stucco products to increase their non-flammability.

Applications in Construction

Non-flammable gypsum stucco is widely used in construction, especially in applications where compliance with strict fire safety regulations is required. This includes:

Residential Housing Non-combustible gypsum stucco is often used in residential buildings, especially in stairwells and corridors, to protect escape routes during a fire

Public Buildings In public buildings such as hospitals, schools, hotels and shopping centers, where safety is a priority, decorative products must meet strict fire resistance standards. Our Gypsum stucco meets these standard

 – Hotels and Restaurants Non-flammable gypsum stucco is becoming more and more popular in the hotel industry, where esthetics and ensuring the safety of guests is crucial.

Flammability of gypsum stucco and aesthetics

The introduction of non-flammable gypsum stucco does not mean sacrificing beauty and sophistication. Modern technologies make it possible to maintain the traditional appearance and elegance of stucco, while meeting non-flammability requirements. The availability of various patterns and styles allows you to adapt non-flammable stucco to any architectural design

Non-flammable gypsum stucco is a harmony between aesthetics and functionality.

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