Master Corgips

Industry leader
since 1997

Master Corgips was established in 1997 and our many years of experience have led us to perfect execution of plaster molded products.

Nothing is impossible for us. We will meet any challenge.

All products from our extensive offer are made of glass fiber reinforced plaster.

Our products are characterized by:
• High quality
• Low price
• Quick and easy to install
• Perfect connection of joints

Master Corgips posses the unique ability to tackle any project, should you require any bespoke designs please contact us.

Within our product range you will find suitable products for small DIY projects along with pieces specific for grand ball rooms and hotels.

We deliver our products and provide installation services throughout Poland and the European Union. We have history installing our products in Germany, Austria, UK, France, Holland and Sweden.

We have a regular delivery service weekly servicing most European countries.