Perfect joints of plaster stucco

Gypsum is a material that is relatively easy to install. It has many features that make it attractive to people working in the fields of construction, renovation, arts and crafts

Insulating properties of plaster stucco

Gypsum is a multi-purpose material that finds its place in various fields, from medicine to construction. One of the interesting uses of gypsum is its role as an insulating material.

Plaster Stucco as a fire retardant

Gypsum stucco is a traditional and exceptionally elegant form of interior decoration, known for hundreds of years. While its aesthetics and durability have always been appreciated, there is also a growing understanding of the need for safety in today's world. Therefore, an important aspect that attracts the attention of architects and property owners is the non-flammability of gypsum stucco.

Environmentally friendly stucco

Gypsum is a material with a relatively low risk of emission of harmful substances during a fire compared to many other building materials. It is a mineral consisting mainly of calcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4·2H2O). It has a crystalline structure and occurs in the form of white or colorless crystals.